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Paradise Jerky

Salt & Vinegar

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This is a Game Changer..

Say good bye to potato chips.. and say hello to PJs Salt & Vinegar Beef Chips!

These are on a whole different level of "dangerously addictive flavor".  And you get to enjoy them with out the guilt of consuming all those carbs and deep fried seed oils. 

Get ready to get your mind blown because with all honesty - it did ours.

Ingredients: Beef, Soy sauce, Water, Dashi Blend (Kelp, Bonito, Tuna), Brown Sugar, Onion, Garlic, Natural Hickory Smoke, Vinegar Blend, Salt, Cloves, Molasses, Anchovy, Wheat, Tamarind Extract, Chili Pepper Extract.   

Customer Reviews

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Taylor M
My new favorite flavor!

I am a huge Paradise Jerky fan and Wafu has been my favorite flavor, but now I may have a new favorite. The Salt and Vinegar beef chips taste just like other salt & vinegar chips I've had and loved, except the flavor is now on thin beef jerky. What more could I ask for? I'll be ordering this and Wafu in the future!

Jeff K

I recently tried the salt & vinegar beef jerky from Paradise and it was AMAZING!! Just the right amount of flavoring to give it an interesting taste without being overpowering. I LOVE IT! You have to try this!